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Any person who has chosen the path of being of service has also committed to facilitating change by allowing the Creator to work through him or her. We cannot control how the Great Mystery chooses to work through us. Our egos would love for us to believe that we are personally and wholly responsible for another person’s healing or change, but nothing could be further from the truth. In any given situation, all people and all elements present work together within the context of a combined intent to actualize healing at ist own time and in its own manner. We are effective only if we humbly allow ourselves to be used as instruments of healing. We cannot predict how the healing will occur, but we can add to the equation our life force and our intention to be of service, gratefully acknowledging all the people and spiritual forces present.
Jamie Sams,Dancing the Dream, p 97-98.
If you are alive, you are on a sacred path.
Jamie Sams, Dancing the Dream, p 3.

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